Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And then they were back...

Perfectly exhausted from the journey back, but glad to be coming home to Portland.

The Mountain Goats - Best Ever Death Metal Band

Everytime i hear this song, it reminds me exactly of the way things felt last time i was a full-time Texan, going to a low rent boarding school in Denton, Texas and plotting my escape. The alienation, my cadre of similarly alienated angry, reactionary schoolmates, the way you knew you had to get out of there lest you utterly perish. it is not so bad for some as it was for me and its okay to visit from time to time i suppose, but for a lot of reasons i tend to feel acutely thin-skinned, ashamed and jumpy when i am in Texas. and Samsonite is a brand of baggage. and the Mountain Goats write songs about feelings like no one else.

P.S.: Portland cabs are way expensive. The train stops running from the airport at 11:35pm. Flight delays stick you in the wallet, believe you me.

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