Monday, February 4, 2008

Going with the Flow

7:30 staff meeting bright and early in the morning. I am about half way through the first habeas memo I have written in about five years, and of course its taking me longer than expected. I'm glad I started early and I'll still sweat and be dissatisfied. I'm almost finished with my property outline. I'm getting good resolutions for my clients and starting to move my cases along. I am reminded of the hindu goddess Lakshmi when I'm trying to make things happen at the work place and manage to get a flow going. i met a hippie girl once who told me that I should pay attention to the Lakshmi principal of flow if I wanted to be happy, and I think it applies to public defender workload as much as anything else. She's the goddess of love and beauty, and has money in one hand, and a lotus flower in the other, and something else in the other, and so on. The hippie girl said that she was really the goddess of flow and that Lakshmi gets really pissed off when there's no flow. Without the flow, you can't have the love or the money. And so now I'm going to go to bed and think about flowing myself to that staff meeting tomorrow.

Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee - Shorty Long

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