Saturday, April 19, 2008

Punk Show

Dental work does not get me down. This morning, the dreaded crown was installed. it was a good decision to be a total weenie about it and ask the dentist if he would gas me. he said he didn't use gas but instead, good old fashioned high-grade pharmaceuticals. Having never taken halcyon before (but maybe I danced at a gay bar by that name?) i wasn't sure what to expect and what I got was a foggy unpleasant dental experience instead of an alert unpleasant dental experience. My alert is Very Alert so I'm glad to take the edge off. I am not especially dental-phobic, but there was a drill involved. Anyways, four stars, thumbs up, do yourself a favor and get the halcyon chaser with your crown. The rabbit picked my highness up from the dentist and took me to a matinee of the movie Chicago 10. Sort of an animated/doc thing about Abby Hoffman, Bobby Seale, et. al. I don't remember a lot about it but the colors were nice. Spent the rest of the afternoon in moderate pain doing a lot of nothing. By evening I was all sobered up and of course, ready for a punk show. It was in a stark first floor warehouse space called work/sound. Serving a limited menu of PBR and oreos. Turns out the kids who put it all together are from Marion Ohio by way of Bowling Green State. I was there to see The New Bloods, who I swear i'll catch up with someday but they headlined and I ran out of gas at midnight. But i did see a couple of really very good bands including Purple Rhinestone Eagle from Philly (but maybe they live here now?) who just about killed me dead with their Black Sabbath/Shangri-La's garage sounding righteousness.

The New Bloods - Oh Deadly Nightshade

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