Sunday, September 7, 2008

MFNW again

Save me from my audiophile ways! Ratatat had a line 3 blocks long, didn't get in. But I did see Blitzen Trapper, Mirah, Blind Pilot, The Slants, Blubird, Teeath, and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. i'm kind of tired now. i went to the after party and a security guard the size of phone booth went ballistic and grabbed a guy and sat on him, why, i do not know, but the guard had the guy in a really painful looking stress position for several minutes even though no one was fighting anyone. and I just couldn't stand it so I went over and said, "you need to back off that guys legs" and told them i was a lawyer. and I doubt they were very impressed (they said, "we have insurance") but I pointed out that the guy wasn't fighting and had his hands behind his back and repeated about getting off his legs and then the guard did AND he didn't turn around and grab or clobber me. Whew!

The after party was in this cavernous warehouse sort of space that purported to be the Globe Hotel but don't believe it, unless it was the worst hotel in the world after the apocalypse. But there were 4 different kinds of macaroni and cheese for the VIPs, to make us feel special. and free drinks. and bouncers with impulse control issues. So many rock stars.

without further adieu-

Blind Pilot - Go On, Say It

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down - Beat

Blitzen Trapper - Crushing the Wheat

Mirah - Don't Go

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Jen said...

that's awesome that you stood up to that dude and it worked AND you lived to tell about it! so proud of you.