Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sasquatch 2010

I drove over 500 miles, slept on the ground for three days, and ate out of a cooler from items purchased at a Walmart because I have to rock! And that is just what happened at Sasquatch. After a lot of sun and wind, and not a lot of rest over the past several days, I will leave the detailed reviews of the shows to another writer. Imagine me, like a real sasquatch, pointing in the air and grunting the names of favorite shows from the weekend while jumping up and down: LCD Soundsystem!, Tune-Yards!, Nada Surf! Pavement! Avi Buffalo! And I was knocked out by the Vampire Weekend set and especially, most especially The New Pornographers. There is a deeply good thing that happens to my mind and body when I stand in front of the New Pornographers and they all sing The Bleeding Heart Show all at once in a loud and textured harmony.

The New Pornographers - My Rights versus Yours

I'm not going to tell you that camping for days with thousands of twenty-somethings is glamorous. But the music was great, and my brother and his wife came out from Texas, and we had a jolly excellent time and I dare say I would do it again.

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skim said...

Perhaps next year's trip for me can coincide with this festival. Tex and many of my favorite bands all in one place = Sharon's head exploding from all the goodness.

See you next week darlin'!