Saturday, March 28, 2009

From the Department of Regional Cuisines

There's an old hand painted sign on Alberta street above a carry out that says something about "Chicken and Jo Jos" and I thought it referred to a salty old couple who owned the store. Perhaps the mom was named Jojo and the pop liked to go as Chicken. Maybe on account of a limited career as a bantam weight boxer. Lo and behold, I found out from my lovely and talented legal assistant that Jojo is not a person, it is a food. A regional dish pictured here, which is a fried potato wedge.
And this got me thinking of other regional cuisines from here (salmon, hazelnuts and pinot noir) and from Ohio such as the hotshot from western Ohio. An open faced sandwich with gravy and mashed potato. Or sauerkraut balls, which have been immortalized on the marquee for the Hey Hey Club for years upon years. Anyways, I found out what a jojo is and I thought I'd share.


Jen said...

JoJo's are also all over northern were so close all that time!

Ms. Mel said...
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Anonymous said...

I always thought JoJos were uniquely Northwestern, but apparently not. The best JoJos in town (read: nastiest tastiest) are can be found under the heat lamp at a Safeway's. With ranch dressing of course.