Sunday, July 12, 2009

40% Hearing Loss

Sure, yeah, I go to rock shows. Or at least I say I do, but quite often I'm actually at pop shows. or folk shows. Last night I crossed over a bright differentiating line and was definitely at a rock show. Subarachnoid Space has two guys from Ohio in it who are friends of the friends that are staying with me. I probably would not have come across them if I hadn't been tagging along. They were down in the basement of a bar, blasting instrumental psychedelic rock jams and an earthshaking volume. There were about 50 people in the room, all around my age, sending out a friendly "you must be pretty cool if you came out to see this" fraternal vibe. I recognized a couple of verifiable rock stars in the crowd. It was like this: everyone in the band was wearing white. They are led by a prog rock warrior goddess named Melynda Jackson who has the aura of a cult leader and is in charge of conducting the fantastically loud and roaring crescendos, stops, and feedback. She played the guitar with her teeth at one point. These folks are going on a tour soon and you should try to see them (or book them) if you aren't from around here. I think they play in Portland a lot. Oh, and there was this two-piece band I saw a couple of weeks ago which also blew my mind with rockness and they are called Mustaphamond. You should see them too.

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