Monday, September 21, 2009

and the rock did not stop

Wow! So much excitement! I was clearly overstimulated, such that I dropped my phone into pieces while running across MLK. I was trying to catch the bus to see Mariachi El Bronx, but sadly, missed them because I was standing in the middle of MLK looking for parts of my blackberry. I heard the car horns instead of the mariachis. I eventually gave up and made my way to see Sallie Ford and Sean Flinn play at Rontoms in separate, respective and outstanding sets. And there was just enough time to scarf down some noodles at Biwa before we went rushing off to Slabtown for Rachel Blumberg playing as Arch Cape. I wasn't dressed for just any rock show though. No, I was in a purple plaid shirt because Team Dresch and Erase Errata were playing at Rotture later and I pretty much had the best time ever. First off, Erase Errata is One Tight Band. I just got their record because it is never too late. As for Donna's team, it's not so often that I can sing along to all the songs and it is even more fun when done at the top of one's lungs at a punk show. I can still holler out the lyrics to #1 Chance Pirate T.V. like a baby dyke in 1995. That's how it was.

Erase Errata - Tax Dollar

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