Friday, September 18, 2009

MFNW continuing

So I made my decisions like so: I went to the shows that I thought were the toughest tickets. So if the band was from a foreign land (like Austrailia or Scotland) or otherwise too crazy for me to want to go to another time, then that's what I picked. SO MUCH DAMN FUN. Girl Talk first. Was definitely one of the oldest people in the room and watched a guy climb all over a table with laptops taped to it while girls weilded leaf blowers rigged to shoot toilet paper into the audience. Absolute dance party mayhem.

Then I went and saw Dirty Three. They are a dirge-y sort of instrumental band from Austrailia who make you want to take a quart of whiskey onto a sailboat on a cloudy day. Just super emotive, soaring stuff. A friend recently saw them perform with Nick Cave at All Tomorrow's Parties in New York but it was just the three of them this time.

THEN I got to see Frightened Rabbit, a dear bunch of Scottish guys. I can't explain why I go so bonkers for Frightened Rabbit but they are so great and unassuming live. (and sweaty).

I'm going to post some music later on this evening to go with this post, but I suppose I should practice law just now.

Update: Here's the first batch...

Dirty Three - Distant Shore

Girl Talk - Bounce That

Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper

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Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I love Dirty Three, I am jealous. Hope you are good over there. Don't think I didn't notice that you never write me back unless I am coming to town. Ahem.