Thursday, April 9, 2009

The sun came out

Something about living in Portland for 18 months has taken a toll. Where once my complexion was pale at best, it is now translucent and bat-boy like. I am not the only one. The sun came out for a few days and the temperature reached into the 80s. Portland freaked out. The parks, riverfronts, decks, yards and porches were suddenly mobbed with pasty white vitamin D deprived Pacific Northwesterners. But the sun went away again and will not likely be available again until sometime mid-June.


Ms. Mel said...

The left side of my body was burnt to ash on Monday. Very unfortunate but not unexpected.

tex clark said...

Every time I look at bat boy as Lee Harvey Oswald, I convulse with laughter. I used to pass by the cemetery where Lee Harvey was buried every morning on my way to school. Little known fact: The man in the light gray suit is Henry Wade who is the same guy named in the famous lawsuit Roe v. Wade. He was the Sheriff of Dallas County for many years.