Saturday, April 25, 2009

Up the Hill

As you may know, I steal almost all the photos that I post on this blog from other blogs and various sources on line. I am not a very good personal documentarian, but I am trying to get better about it. So, on my trip to Santa Fe, I took a few photographs, shared with you here. From my hotel, I can see this statute of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I noticed today that there were a lot of people congregated around the shrine, and that they left flowers. I thought that it meant that it was some sort of special holiday, but I looked it up and I think that is just how people roll. Because the Virgin de Guadalupe is a big deal.

Today's big event was renting a mountain bike and going all over Santa Fe. I visited the farmers market, the eastern lung-busting hills, and a very interesting gallery on Canyon Road that held the world's largest collection of soviet era Polish poster art. I chit chatted with the gallery owner who amassed the collection himself and he was tickled to fill my ears. After several wrong turns, I eventually wheeled my way up to Museum Hill and visited the Museum of Folk Art. They had an exhibit all about indonesian shadow puppets. This picture was taken outside the museum. It was a really lovely day for a bike ride.
At the museum, I asked some of the locals about what I should do for lunch and I went and found a great bowl of chile verde stew that is way better that what I make at home. After that, I bounced around the plaza area and saw all sorts of silver and turquoise jewelry for sale. Somehow I found the strength not to return to Portland masquerading as a new age Santa Fe desert sage, and I didn't get any turquoise.

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