Monday, April 13, 2009

Too Much Rock Monday

I am overstimulated. Though my flight got in rather late last night I feel that failing to go see some music tonight would be wrong x 4 because there are at least four very good shows. An embarrassment of riches to have to choose. 1. The Ting Tings at Doug Fir OR 2. The Drones at Someday Lounge OR 3. Karl Blau and something called Tune-Yards or Lucky Dragons at Holocene OR 4. The Heartless Bastards at Berbati's Pan. WTF? I am leaning towards The Drones because I have never seen them before and talking my way into the Ting Tings, though I'm sure it could be done, might take more energy than I can muster because it is sold out to the rafters. CHOICES! I have been in a down n' dirty rock n' roll mood as of late so the Drones' Austrailian punk situation will probably be just right.

Minotaur - The Drones

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