Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boom City

We found fireworks heaven. On the Tulalip reservation, there's a ramshackle collection of plywood shacks across the street from the tribal casino called Boom City. Its decked out with brightly painted handmade signs. You aren't allowed to have a booth unless you are a tribal member. If you were blind, you could probably find your way there from anywhere in the county by following the sound and smell of hundreds of fireworks being set off in a crowded parking lot, all day long. constantly. It was overstimulating, to say the least.
We found a booth run by a carnival barker sort of guy who called himself The Fireworks Monger. I thought i was really going all out when i bought dozens of roman candles and some huge flame launcher looking things that were bigger than baseball bats. But all our neighbors at the sound, hundreds of people really, had gone to Boom City too and spent vast amounts of money on the really fancy fireworks that just went on and on and on all night. We made a fire down by the water to watch. Nobody blew a hand off, even though the people next door to us were launching off their porch and lighting the fuses with a giant blowtorch. The people on the other side of us caught the hillside on fire and it came close to getting out of control. We were outmatched but safe enough with our little roman candle collection. The most exciting it got was when the rabbit held a candle in each hand and pointed them off into the water.