Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I negotiated a discount rate through my work on using the zipcar. It makes the prospect of going car-less doable and probably cheaper than having my own car. It works like this: you fill out an online application, a couple of days later you get a zip card in the mail. say you need a car to go buy groceries or go to the beach or something. You type in your address online and a map pops up with all the different cars that are parked in garages or on the street around town. You tell zip car which car you want and when. When the hour arrives you take your little card and wave it over a device on the windshield. The locks pop open. The keys to the zipcar are clipped to the bottom of the steering column. And away you go. I did this on monday afternoon to go to The Dalles to visit clients. The only catch is that you have to get the car back on time. Did i mention that all this includes gas and insurance? And its only costing me $8 per hour.

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