Sunday, June 29, 2008


A friend invited me to see some music on saturday afternoon. it was outrageously hot, but i decided to take the bus anyways. my does heat make portlanders CRANKY. including the driver. I escaped the bus with my life and most of my dignity up at Glisan and 30th in the northeast where I found The Laurelthirst Pub. Its a serious music fan sort of place, set up with a little stage. I had never heard Little Sue or Lynn Conover. My friend told me it was "alt country." Boy is that genre a mixed bag, so I was completely prepared for it to be crappy. Yay! it was charming!

From what i gathered, they each have their own bands and music things that they do and only get together occasionally. They sounded a little bit like Freakwater, but most of the tunes were covers with really unexpected arrangements, delivered in two part harmony with guitar and mandolin. My favorite was a version of the Velvet Underground song "I'll be your Mirror." What a pretty song. But even in the bar with nominal air conditioning, it was stick-to-your-chair hot. Little Sue and Lynn were both in sun dresses and bare feet which added to the americana-ness of the whole thing. I have a good feeling that I'm about to let these ladies lead me into the local country music scene.

I'll be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground and Nico

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