Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday I filed by first brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and I think it might even be a winner. For the non lawyer readers, the Ninth Circuit is the appellate court with jurisdiction over Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Washington. Its huge. And it has the reputation as being a very cutting edge, individual rights oriented court, especially on immigration law and prisoner rights issues. A majority of the judges were appointed by democratic presidents and the Supreme Court of the United States relishes in overturning Ninth Circuit decisions. For a public interest lawyer like myself, getting to litigate in the Ninth Circuit feels a bit like arriving in Emerald City. Now the attorneys for the United States will receive my brief, attack my arguments, and generally play the part of the flying monkeys. But I have a good feeling about this one.

To celebrate, I'm going to see Leslie and the Lys tonight at Satyricon. Here's hoping that she'll bring The Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters, the band's tour bus/gift shop/museum that serves as a shrine and sort of pet rescue operation for gem sweaters from the 80s. <a href="" target="_blank">Leslie and the Lys: "Gem Sweater"</a>