Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ligaments and Firmaments

Indeed, I hurt my ankle. Its bad, but not as bad as i thought. I'm in a brace, not a cast. I'm off the crutches. But its CRAMPING MY STYLE. I like to walk everywhere all the time. I have a plan to hike to hot springs around Oregon. i have a plan to climb Mt. Hood. I want to go mountain biking in Bend. So much to all that. I guess i need to front load the kayaking plan for now. i guess there are worse things. How did I do it? At the starbucks, in the suburbs, stepping off a curb, sober as a church mouse on my way to a church. A mega church, in fact, that was hosting a dance recital where my second cousin once removed was performing her annual dance recital amid 200 other children, ages 4 to 18. All I could do was glower at the jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop children and resent their mobility as i propped my goose egg swelling ankle up on one of the back pews under a bag of ice. For three hours. The spectacular highlight was the church parking lot. So that the kabillion people can find their cars, they had it set up like an airport with parking areas marked with identifying signs. Signs named for books of the bible. I was so hoping that the rabbit would park us in Revelations, but it was full because it was closest to the entrance. Instead, I had to limp my way past John and Matthew, and down a set of stairs to Mark.

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries

The Louvin Brothers - The River of Jordan

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Brighten_the_corners said...

Get better soon Tex. There will still be plenty of summer left once you are no longer incapacitated. xo