Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Unbelievable Sweat of Rhett Miller

So the other night I went to see The Old 97's play at the Wonderland Ballroom. My friend Katie, very sensible, asked, "Tex, do you wear earplugs?" because i go to a lot of shows and I guess I should get my act together and start doing that because she had a point. There was a pile driver outside my office at work for a couple of weeks in the winter and the HR folks bought everyone shooting range ear muffs. (you could still hear the pile driver and my water bottle would vibrate across my desk). But maybe I could wear those to the shows. or just get some nice orange poofy kind of plugs like everyone else. I have been listening to the Old 97's for years since they are from Texas and sound like it in a good way. About 3 or 4 songs into the show I leaned over to Katie and mentioned that the lead singer, Rhett Miller, was getting pretty sweaty. Everyone else in the band was shower fresh, but Miller's head was all wet and his shirt was starting to stick to him. She told me that every show he sweats so much that by the end, he's soaked to his drawers. And it was pretty amazing to watch him whipping his head around like a sprinkler set, spraying the stage and his bandmates with his honky tonk mansweat. he's not a big man. he's just a little guy. Where does all that liquid come from?

The Old 97's - Big Brown Eyes

The Old 97's - Dance with Me


Brighten_the_corners said...

I'm so glad you and Katie had your date that you guys planned so long ago. Was this her first night out sans petite bebe??? I hope you guys shook your little butts off at the show. xo

Jen said...

i heart the old 97s...thanks!

Katherine said...

first night out in portland. and i had a great time. (wow, has my life changed since the last time i saw the old 97's.) next time, it's rob's turn. would johnny marr be playing with anyone anywhere around here anytime soon?

Anne said...

I sweat a lot when I teach. I reckon this Rhett Miller guy is really, really there.