Tuesday, August 12, 2008

honey, i'm home

It was often cold, I nearly took my thumb off cutting onions in the kitchen, and my body is still recovering from staying up late and sleeping in a tent for so many days. When i went off the grid, John Edwards was having a nice day and Russia hadn't invaded Georgia. But I had a great time at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival again this year and i'll be back. there's no place like it on earth. This year i tried to tune into a message that i could take along with me until next year. So I thought alot about trying to remain an open person and not getting closed off. Shutting out new people and new experiences gets easier the older you get, i think. One of the musicians who played during the week talked about this a bit, and put it as being able to step in at a moments notice to lift someone up or do what is necessary. i have certainly been the beneficiary of that sort of love in the past couple of weeks.
There's a crafts area at the festival full of various clothing, pottery, art, books, music and gay what-have-you. i came across a jewelry booth associated with a really excellent craft enterprise called Honey and Milk that turns out is owned by a Portland woman who is friends of friends. There were many many little silver rings with helpful phrases on them. The proprietress assured me that the right affirmation was more important than getting it to fit on a particular finger. So I bought myself a great new ring, with the perfect affirmation. When i start to get shaky or feel sad, looking at it makes me feel better. its says "I WILL THRIVE."


Alexis said...

I've missed you and your posts. Glad your home. xox \

katekatenegotiate said...

yes, you will indeed thrive. good gift you gave yourself there.