Thursday, August 21, 2008

Siren Nation

I went to a fundraiser tonight for Siren Nation, a women's music festival that's happening in Portland in a couple of months. Boy is the line up good this year. The New Bloods and Laura Viers, for starters. Tonight's thing was a brilliant art event, that combined a silent auction with four painters who created four great big pieces on plywood from scratch over the course of the party and then sold them at the end. Really, very very fun to watch them all painting away outdoors, while the DJ spun his old Elvis Costello and Guided by Voices vinyl. So I got lured into silent auction world and ended the night piling into taxi cab with a big signed photographic print by Jackie Butler. For right now, i'm having a hard time posting the image. its cool tho. And last night, I went to see the new Werner Herzog film about Antartica. He mocks penguins and people and takes beautiful pictures of ice. Even though i got a little bored in the last 13 minutes or so, its a really good documentary, the same way taking a trip to Antarctica with a misanthropic but gregarious German uncle would be good. which, as it turns out, is good.

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