Sunday, January 20, 2008

Envoy to the Belge

A new restaurant opened in Portland called The Belgian Embassy. I found out about it because they have painted a sign on the roof of the old house where they're located in the southernmost 5th quadrant. I saw the sign a while back and became very curious. Accordingly, Shayla, Paul and I formed a diplomatic corps to explore the wonders of steak and frites, tasty salad, poached pear, and really good Belgian beer. Now I am no beer person and don't even like the stuff that much but I have heard that Belgian ales are where its at, and as they say "when in Belgium" (or at least their Portland embassy) so I gave it a try. The proprietor, Jim Parker, was our server and talked up the Tommee Arthur Signature Ale brewed at De Proeuf Brewery in Belgium. He crowed that it was the only keg of its kind in Oregon, and dammit if it wasn't the best beer I've ever had.

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The Diabolical Dr. Gantz said...

Holy Hell! My good friend Tex Clark has finally left the Building (that is Columbus) and made her way West-West-West! I couldn't be more delighted for all that means and implies... I'm sentimental about Thurberville too, of course, but 9 years cries out for a shake-up, and good goddamn if that isn't what you've done. Hurray for that, and you can always go back and survey the kingdom when the magnetic pull of the Great Lakes overwhelms you. Incidentally, while I'm every bit as unmoved by beer, the Belgians Know Their Way around hops, ma chérie. Rooting you on from my station along the Chesapeake.