Tuesday, January 29, 2008

drizzle and tomato soup

Headphones on, contracts outline propped on the counter, rocking out the work today and had a nice solo lunch at Blue Plate. I got a million things done for the clients, walked through the Portland drizzle to the gym, and life seems pretty good even though I have SO MUCH to study between now and then. I even ponied up my $500 bucks to take the PMBR bar review seminar in a couple of weeks. Necessary? A security blanket? We shall never know but I didn't mind paying if it helps. Ever since that McMenamin's thing (below) I got a big crush on Portland all over again. All the music loving mellow souls. all the population density, somuch stuff to do. Oh Portland, I miss you when I have to study all the time. When I'm finished will you still hold me in your cold, wet embrace?

P.S. : I miss Sleater-Kinney

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