Monday, January 21, 2008

Le Pigeon

Well I clearly can't study ALL the time, though I did most of the long weekend. By monday night I had a good feeling that the rest of the town had exhausted its chi without me so rebecca and I could just walk right into Le Pigeon on Burnside and get a table. And indeed we did. Hype, hype, hype that can back it up. I devoured a pigeon (succulent grey sky rat) and rebecca had beef cheeks.

Coach Said Not To - Be My Pigeon

Today I exhausted my own chi. Flew to Medford OR and back for a status conference for a case I'm handling down there. What a crazily laid out town. Though the folks at the Medford branch office were super awesome. AND it was a great day for for flying. Mount McLaughlin was beautiful to see. Incidentally, the folks in that part of the world rather weirdly think they live in the 51st state.

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hason said...

mmmmmm, le pigeon. i want some right now.