Friday, January 18, 2008

I mean it.

Music for you:

Scrawl - Good Under Pressure

P.S. I miss hyperventilating on a regular basis at the grocery and the coffee shop when I would see Marcy Mays and Sue Harshe of Scrawl going about their business in Columbus. So far, seeing the Portland rock stars isn't nearly as thrilling. But then again, Scrawl was my Smiths.

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katekatenegotiate said...

i have been singing the afghan whigs song "my curse" (the one marcy sang on "gentlemen") for the last few days, pretending that my voice is as sexy as hers. but sadly, it's not. i also pretended that my husband was greg dulli for a minute, but then i realized that greg dulli is a little bit greasier nowadays, unlike my husband. oh, i digress...