Thursday, March 13, 2008

gogol voodoo donut bordello

one of my dearest friends is in town for a second, way too short a second, and she called me tonight with an extra ticket to Gogol Bordello. Do you know what I'm talking about? I did not know but it sounded fun and it was. Though it did not smell very nice. Them hippies love that gypsy core. my ears are still ringing right this second with the reverb of accordions, violins, and electric guitar. i don't know the last time i was at a sold out rock show. (yeah i'm so indie like that) maybe when i saw X in cleveland. i love that vibe when its sold out and everyone is pumped to be there. Afterwards we went to Voodoo Donut for a late night treat. The magic is in the hole.

X - Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
Gogol Bordello - Last Wish of the Bride

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