Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Xamach Dos

We got back from mexico late last night. pleased to report that we avoided the crowds and bullcrap for the most part. Got a rental car at the Cancun airport and made our way south south, down the coast on dirt roads toXamach Dos, a tiny little set up of hammocks and cabanas on the water. Its on an old coconut plantation in the Sian Kaan Biosphere and sleeps about six, solar powered and way off the beaten path near Punta Allen. That's where Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard used to hide his boat, when he wasn't busy marauding and so forth. Now its an itty bitty mostly mayan broken down fishing village with a heavy business in sport fishing and not much else. And I had all these fine plans to do some fishing myself but instead I layed in a hammock and read Raymond Carver and did not do one strenuous thing for a week except build sandcastles with Rebecca and walk on the beach. aaahhhhh.

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katekatenegotiate said...

so nice. congrats on your successful vacay!