Sunday, March 16, 2008

Live from Medford

I am in the Rogue Regency Inn in Medford tonight, having just flown in for a hearing in the morning for an illegal re-entry case. I am a bit nervous about tomorrow because it is not my home court, but I'm prepared and the case is a good one. Illegal re-entry cases are very sad, for the most part. Typically the people who get prosecuted are hard working Mexicans who are here to do construction or agricultural things, maybe got on the wrong side of the law when they were younger, and are getting sent to prison and deported, seperated from their families here, triple whammy.

Medford is not the very most charming town on the earth but it does have a few great things going for it. The people are fantastically nice and the classic rock radio is second to none. Better even than what I remember from Dallas when I was a kid and a radio maven. No clear channel here. Where else do they do a Pink Floyd, Frampton, Lucinda Williams, Grand Funk Railroad back to back? I am in the hotel lobby using the internet right now where the radio is piping and as I'm writing this they played a Joni Mitchell song I've never heard and something else by Elvis Costello that you never hear.Sometime when I'm down here and have a bit more time I'd also like to do some hiking. They have a cool mesa sort of thing called Table Rock that is supposed to be phenomenal. But alas, on this trip I'm all work, back on the plane in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to being woken up early, in one of my very favorite ways, with a knock on the door by a person bearing eggs and bacon. YAY.

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