Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cabaret with a Q

I haven't been much of a correspondent this week, but I HAVE been doing all manner of fun stuff. Take last night for instance. I went to the Q Center here in Portland, which is the gay community center. Once a month they have this great showtunes night called Cabaret with a Q which is the gayest thing ever known to exist and which is also totally wholesome. Songbooks are handed out, page numbers are announced, and the queers sing showtunes in unison in front of a red velvet curtain while the charming and talented Glenn plays the piano. It felt a little like church and a little like what a gay old folks home would be doing as an alternative to bingo night. People take turns leading the songs and then sing Cabaret at the top of their lungs for the closing show stopper. Always leave them wanting more. That's show biz!

West Side Story - Gee, Officer Krupke

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Rebecca said...

oh. my. god. That event was made for me! I want to go sooooo bad!!!