Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonder Twins

I think about the Wonder Twins all the time. I'm serious. But it wasn't until last night that I realized I could just summon them up on youtube. And its just like I remember. The girl, Jayna can turn into animals. The boy, Zan, very often turns into a bucket. They have a monkey, they fight crime, and they are purple. It's obviously a very exciting lifestyle, hence my longstanding interest. I came across one episode in which Jayna turns herself into what sounded like an "Exxorian Yeti." I had to replay it a couple of times. Tried looking up different spellings: uxorious yeti? exorbanant yeti? And then I reached deep down into a geeky fan boy place that I did not know I had and figured out that the Wonder Twins are from the Planet Exxor and the Exxorian Yeti is a creature from their homeland. Wow.

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Jen said...

wow is right...although i must admit that, at a young age, i wished many times over that my name was jayna instead of jennifer. sigh.