Monday, February 23, 2009

Lo Fi Basement

Deep down in the cold basement of re-purposed house in southeast is The Artistery. Its all ages, they give out free tea and lemon cake, and all the patrons gather near the stage on worn out carpet and broken down couches. I saw three really great acts for a couple of dollars. Bognor played first and he was just a guy with a guitar who wrote great pop ballads. He said that night he was playing with the band for the first time ever and you wouldn't have believed it. Next was L.A.K.E., a band from Olympia that makes breathy multi-instrumental choral danceable jangle rock. They look like a basement band but sound like euro-pop in the manner of Weekend. And then Karl Blau played and he was the reason I showed up in the first place since he is awesome. He played the most beautiful cover of Tom T. Hall's That's How I Got to Memphis and then L.A.K.E. was his backing band for the rest of the night.

Bognor - Unison

L.A.K.E. - Oh, the Places We'll Go

Karl Blau - Slow Down, Joe

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Megan said...

You and Portland love your pastries.