Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nikki McClure

There's a show of Nikki McClure's original works up on the top floor of Powell's Books right now. Am I totally the last person to know that all of her work is made from paper cuts? Did you already know that? I didn't realize it until I saw them up close and then I asked somebody and they were like, "Yeah, dude, they are all like that. Duh." Learn something new everyday. And then last night I saw this little vox populi documentary about Olympia called 9 Weeks by Kanako Wynkoop and Stefan Simikich. Its about the various characters around town, one of whom was Nikki McClure. She had scissors and exacto. Is everyone in Olympia famous? Is that were you go for your 15 scenester minutes? It was just one creative genius after another.


Anonymous said...

Yes we are and yes it is. I heart Oly 4-ever!

Ms. Mel said...