Tuesday, January 13, 2009


from a press release I saw today, right before I blacked out from excitement overload:

Masterbacon Inaugural Event

Posted: Jan 12th, 09
Have you ever wanted to get together with a bunch of other bacon geeks and just geek out about bacon? What if there was an event specifically catered to bacon geeks to be able to share their favorite bacon treats with the world? Wouldn’t it make sense to make it a competition complete with trophy and prizes? Of course it would.

Masterbacon is just such an event

BaconGeek.com is proud to announce the inaugural “Masterbacon” event which will be held at the Davis Street Tavern on January 17th, 2009 (RSVP on Upcoming).

Where: Davis Street Tavern ()
When: Saturday January 17th, 2009 - 1pm - 4pm (judging starts at 2pm sharp!) Why: Because bacon tastes good Who: Come one, come all!

Get your bacon engines ready.

The rules are as follows:

Participation is required; either you’re bringing a dish, help to judge or dress up as a piece of bacon. There are no on-lookers at Masterbacon.
Please send a note to scott @ some last name (its ‘kveton’) dot com and let us know that you’ll be bringing a dish.
Those bringing dishes (assuming we get a decent turn-out) should expect to make enough for 10-15 servings.
Please bring a hand-written or typed (or you can email ahead of time if you want) the recipe for your bacon dish as the winning dishes recipes will be published on BaconGeek.com (you can do this ahead of time when you tell us you’re bringing a dish too).
Each participant can bring one dish to enter in the contest although you can bring more than one for everyone to enjoy.
You can use any kind of bacon you’d like but it does have to be bacon (no fair cheating with pork tenderloin)
Judging will work as follows:

The number of entered recipes will determine the total number of judges - e.g. 12 recipes means 6 judges.
Judges are chosen on a first-come-first-serve-basis with a bias towards those who have traveled.
Judges are each given N votes where N = the number of judges.
Judges taste each dish and award one point to each of their favorite dishes for a total of N awarded points. Judges are not required to use all of their votes.
Winning bacon dishes are the ones with the most awarded points from the judges.
In addition Grand Prize and Runner-up, we’ll also have several special awards:

Most creative use of bacon
Most veggie friendly use of bacon
Best Gluten-free/Dairy-free bacon dish
Best presentation
Best “would-have-been-better-hot”
Worst use of bacon (is there such a thing?!)

Of course there will be prizes. The folks at Baconshirts.com have kicked in some t-shirts and aprons and we’ll have a special mystery sponsor there as well with all kinds of fun t-shirts to hand out.

I look forward to the first ever “Masterbacon” event and hope you’ll join us … here’s to bacon folks!

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It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

funny. so portland. love it. ps - i am originally from ohio as well!