Friday, January 16, 2009

Fraking Dorks

How wonderfully dorky is Portland? So much so that the Bagdad Theater is having a gigantic party and mass viewing of the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. And apparently, they are going to do it for every episode of the final season. for free.


Josh said...

Please do not host the picture from this post directly from my blog. (

1) It uses my bandwidth which I pay for

2) I can replace the image with gay porn and it would show up in your blog post. We wouldn't want that on your site, would we? Thank you.

pish said...

actually, gay porn is okay. is that supposed to send me into a panic? but I will take the image down, even though you didn't ask nicely.

Josh said...

So "please" and "thank you" are not nice? Perhaps you can expand on that.

I was simply letting you know what other people can do to your linked photos. I could have just done it, but was being courteous.

I will accept your apology, both for misusing my content and for accusing me for not asking nicely.

Ms. Mel said...

Hey, where was the gay porn I was promised? Josh, what's the scoop?

Josh is a bandwidth cheapo said...

Yes please, share with us your gay porn Josh. You may have been correct in what you said re: bandwidth issues (do you really have that many people coming to your site? Zzzzz...) but the manner in which you said it was not right, and probably indicative of you being a bigot.