Monday, January 19, 2009

Windy Bacon Catch Up

1. 105 mph gusts! What provoked the daring heroines to drive to the top of Columbia Gorge on the windiest day ever? The wind was so strong, I thought it would yank the car door off. The wind was so strong, it felt like we would get blown off the edge to our utter doom. The wind was so strong, the waterfalls blew sideways and left the hill sides all icy. The wind was so strong, it could yank eyeglasses RIGHT OFF YOUR FACE. This happened, and yet, the glasses were miraculously recovered some 100 yards and down an embankment. Lesson: people are tiny and nature is big. The wind at Crown Point was scary, but the thing that really freaked me out was seeing all the giant fir trees getting yanked around. We drove down a tiny curvy road, covered in debris from the storm, and huge trees had fallen right across the roadways. If we were in the wrong place when one of those suckers came down, that would have been it. We said the headline would read (assuming there are still newspapers being printed these days): IDIOTS DIE IN GORGE WINDSTORM. But it was really spectacular and since we didn't die, I'm so glad we went. And then fearless Greta got onto a plane in that wind and went back to LA.

2. The bacon master challenge? It was AWESOME. It went down at this big new bar near Chinatown called the Davis Street Tavern. There were two big rooms full of bacon oddities: Bacon and peanut butter icecream sandwiches, bacon wonton pockets, bacon and bourbon brownies, bacon refried beans, bacon cinnamon rolls, bacon smores. What did we make? Imagine a glazed donut, sliced in two like a sandwich. Therein, find BACON! and stone mustard and mascarpone cheese and a little maple syrup. Can you believe we didn't win??? Me neither. But the winner's dish was truly delicious and awesome. it was a little salad cup made of bacon with lettuce and a cherry tomato and blue cheese. tasty.

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