Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Was it in 6th grade the last time I had roller skates on? Something like that. Tonight I went to this fabulous throw-back amusement park called Oaks Park and roller skated for several hours with a pack of scenesters. Though my legs may be sore tomorrow, tonight I feel like the belle of the Starlight Express. After a few sketchy turns around the vast wooden floor, I was able to skate more or less as well as I did in 6th grade (undistinguished) and I did not fall down. Still can't skate backwards. Or reliably steer, for that matter. I very much wish I had worn a better outfit. Maybe a tasteful gold sequin cape and pink satin stretch pants. The occasion to reclaim my skating career was brought about by Ethan Rose, a composer of eerie electronica. He recorded his last record, called Oaks, using the massive Wurlitzer organ that is suspended above the skate rink. Tonight, he performed some of those compositions live, while we swirled and swirled around under the lights.

Ethan Rose - On Wheels Rotating


Sharon said...

omg looks so amazing. when we visit next can we please go there??? also, have fun with jason this weekend! miss you much.

greta said...

WOW! I wish I had been there with you!! That sounds like such a blast. Can you post a link to the music being played?