Thursday, January 8, 2009

Plane train automobile

So I'm supposed to go to Seattle this weekend to see the pals there, but crazy weather is cramping my style. I-5, the giant west coast interstate, is closing between Portland and Olympia because of floods. Concerned that this might be the case, I planned ahead and bought an amtrak ticket. Now amtrak just announced that they are closing the route between Portland and Seattle due to mudslides. Okay. So I could still fly there I suppose but that's kind of pricey and I've still got to make my way to and from the airport and I just don't know. This ordeal feels pretty exotic to me. Who's ever heard of an interstate closing or mudslides?

The Beastie Boys - Stop the Train (a capella)

The Acorn - The Flood Pt. 1

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Anonymous said...

That's alright Tex. I am sure we can get you a Mudslide at Cowgirls Inc. And then you can ride the mechanical bull and yell "Sissy! Sissy!"