Friday, May 29, 2009

Effortless Cool

Just east of the river and north of the fruit warehouses, about 100 people gathered last night in a parking lot for a little rock and roll. It was warm out and the air smelled like burnt oranges (because the Tazo tea factory is around the corner) and hotdogs (because somebody set up a grill). Out comes Calvin Johnson in a skin tight red polo shirt, writhing around with maracas and a melodica wedged into his pocket. The stage wasn't well lit and he was too punk rock for a microphone, so all the kids gathered in real close to hear him drone about Homer and what have you.

After that, Chain and the Gang started up. With the vibe of a tent revival preacher, the Sassiest Boy in America did his scream and croon and we were all hand claps and finger snaps. The opening band was also really great. Wallpaper. Heard of them? Me neither. Maybe they sound a little like The Sonics covering The Byrds while wearing thrift store clothes.

Chain and the Gang - Interview with Chain and the Gang

Chain and the Gang - Unpronouncable Name

Photo by Leuwam Tesfai.

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