Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Bits of News

1. Apparently Harrison Ford is in Portland filming a movie and is being sighted here and there. I like him because his face is sort of smooshy and even though he hasn't picked a good script since Mosquito Coast.

2. I read that last year Portland was flooded with over a million dollars in shiny dollar coins. The U.S. treasury department is trying to get people to think dollar coins are cool or something. Along with Grand Rapids, Charlotte, and Austin as the pilot cities, Portland is supposed to be an early adopter sort of innovative place where it will catch fire. I have been here for months since these coins apparently hit circulation, and I think I've only seen one and that was last week. Also, if they want Portland people to think it is cool, then they should reconsider having Andrew Jackson on all the coins. I think they would do a lot better by minting the image of Keith Carradine from his Kung Fu days or maybe Paul Bunyan.

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Anonymous said...

thats a cute young woman helen mirren there!