Friday, May 15, 2009


After clearing out of Italy yesterday, I made my way to Nice and had the most amazing lunch at an old diner sort of place. Chez Palmyre has been on Rue Droite since 1926 and from the look of it, the same lady has been cooking there the whole time. Sardine beignets! Now I am in the big gritty port city of Marseilles, staying at the apartment of a friend here on sabbatical. The place is ridiculously vast and old. It looks like the place in the Bertollini film Beautiful Ones where the kids try to break th record for running through the Louvre the fastest. I am ready to get back to the country this afternoon, heading up into Provence wine country. Au revoir.

Post script: The film is The Dreamers and it is by Bertolucci. Merde!

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Holly said...

oh my god, sardine beignets!