Monday, May 4, 2009

Those halcyon days...

I spent the morning high. I'm not proud. It seems that going to the dentist makes me edgy and my very conscientious dental provider does not want me to bite his hand or rip the arm rests off his chair. And so now going to the dentist is accompanied by a light dose of prescribed halcyon. I also brought my ipod and listened to St. Etienne the whole time they were working on me. Recommended.

This week is all about a mad dash to get ahead of schedule so that I can go on my long anticipated European adventure and so i am working long hours and just not being my typical gal-about-town self. Tonight I creeped back from the office after 9pm and am settling down with the final episodes of the John Adams bio pic that has Paul Giamatti in it. It has been suggested that this interest makes me an old man. So be it.

St. Etienne - Teenage Winter

St. Etienne - Sylvie



Ms. Mel said...

Why have you made us look at a dripping wet dental drill?! Now I will have many nightmares and soil my pants in terror!

Laura said...

If by "old man" you mean person with awesome taste, then yes - embrace the codger within. John Adams was surprisingly great. Hope you enjoyed it!