Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dance to the Radio

So here is a clip from the movie "Control" which I find pretty darn electrifying. In case you didn't see it on tv from Manchester in 1978, a dramatic re-creation:

So now I have a bit of a Joy Division fixation going. Which reminds me of my friend Gretchen Phillips, who always has a Joy Division fixation, such that one of her music projects is called "A Joy Division Cover Band." Gretchen has been super busy with the music lately. One of my favorite music/craft/art enterprises in Portland, Tender Loving Empire recently included her on a compilation called Friends and Friends of Friends.

Gretchen Phillips - Burning Inside

How cool is that? Its just before 7am on a Tuesday as I write this and listening to Gretchen's song along with a cup of coffee has left me pleasantly awake and optimistic about my day.

Now I am going to the jail to meet with a man about a catastrophe.


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