Thursday, June 11, 2009

Evil Plants.

There's an invasive species in my backyard. Because I don't drive so much to places where there are hardware stores, I haven't gotten around to buying a machete and poison to kill it dead. I so long for a machete. I have decided it is completely necessary. I had an internship on a ranch in South Texas when I was in college and I got to carry a machete around whenever I wanted. I did not realize how much I missed having one until a friend suggested that the machete would be a satisfying way to attempt to eradicate the Japanese Knot Weed here in Portland. It is creeping up the hill from beneath my back porch. I am also told that there is an invasive species hotline (!!!) that I can call about my need to machete the Japanese Knot Weed. I realize that Hattori Hanzo was from Okinawa, but perhaps if he made me a really great machete I would succeed in my crusade against the invasive Japanese vegetation.

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