Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off the wall

The Seattle boys took the train down and we simply wrung it out. Impromptu Michael Jackson dance party in the middle of Alberta St. with 200 people on Thursday night. A swing by the new restaurant Beaker and Flask in its sleek fancy space that looks like a cross between a chemistry classroom and an auto showroom, in the best possible way. We also went to a preview party for a new venue that will be opening soon called The Woods down in Sellwood. It is an old funeral home, with all the wallpaper and carpet that you would expect. The Portland Cello Project played a cover of Man in the Mirror and Loch Lomond put on the loveliest little set and I fell for them hard.

Loch Lomond - Blue Lead Fences


Christine said...

Can't believe I did not see you there...then again, it was so crowded. A great place to celebrate MJ--and only in Portland!

B said...

Is that me looking lost at the end?

Ms. Mel said...

This is what happens when you let an out-of-town guest wander, they end up on Youtube.