Monday, June 22, 2009

Fish 1, Tex 0.

Another fishing adventure commenced on Saturday morning. Still full from our late night ride-home-from-the-airport pit stop at The Potato Champion, buddy Greta and I headed out to Hood River. Fishing rods, tackle, joie de vivre. And although the fishing devolved into donations of lures and rigs into various streams and tributaries rather than the actual catching of fish, we had a nice time. We drove all the way out to Celilo and the back up into the mountains to Lost Lake. Quiet ponds with worms and bobbers is my kind of fishing. Not that it improved my showing.

Rupa and the April Fishes - Wishful Thinking

After that, we got home just in time to wash the bait off and get over to the spoken word/queer puppet show at In Other Words. My faith in queer girl artistic expression was renewed again. As it often is. Love my people. The evening ended with bocce ball on a porch. Only getting a weekend with my favorite rabble rousing adventure buddy was way too short.

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