Monday, June 22, 2009

Jonathan Richman Bike Ride

How to describe this... Imagine a random assortment of people on bicycles congregating at a coffee shop at the designated hour of 6pm. The leader of the pack has a bmx sort of bike that is outfitted with a side car. That side car has a booming speaker (with surprisingly nice fidelity) connected to an ipod. That ipod plays Jonathan Richman songs. We follow the leader. We are about twenty strong. He takes us to locations that are synched with the songs. We go to the Cappuchino Bar, the Government Center, a lesbian bar, a mural that references the Velvet Underground, visit the ice cream man, stop for tacos, and ruminate on how everyday clothes are sexier than dressing up. And of course, Road Runner gets played more than once. I am not sure how many miles we went but it was a great way to have a big old crush on Portland.

This event was one of many many many that have been happening in Portland over the last week or so as part of Pedalpalooza. I have not had occasion to really hang out with the bike people so much, but now that i have a bike I get to and I will say this: they are goofy and know how to have a good time. One woman on our ride was able to dance quite credibly while riding. We stumbled into a park in SE that was full of gutterpunks playing kickball and acrobats practicing tumbling and the high wire. Everyone was checking out everyone elses freakbikes and comparing road rash. Everyone was sort of dirty. I liked it.

Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling

Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner


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