Monday, December 24, 2007

Greetings from Fort Worth

It is my third day in Texas and we have finished Phase Dad of christmas are starting on Phase Mom this morning. If you grew up with divorced parents then you know what I am talking about. So far the highlights of our trip include, in no particular order:

-driving around in my dad's Clarkmobile which he has for his State Farm office and has his name, phone number and email address printed all over it.
-seeing my oldest oldest friend and her new baby.
-eating lunch at The Original Mexican Eats, a restaurant that's been in Ft. Worth since the 1920's or so. One of the dishes is called The Roosevelt because FDR ate there.
-seeing my dad's name spelled out in the flowerbed in front of his office in a 40 ft. line of topiary shrubs.
-cooking with my brother.
-thinking of funny things to say about my mother's long blonde wig that she has started wearing as a "time saver" and which makes her look like an orthodox jew or a cancer patient, you pick.
-looking out at the vast, flat, brown expanse and seeing the massive red-dotted signal towers out on the horizon. Remembering how I would stare out at them and watch them flicker the same way people in other places look out at the ocean.
-seeing Charlie Wilson's War
-negotiating the spectacular crowds of christmas shoppers at all the big box stores that are EVERYWHERE.

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