Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So Much to Tell for a Tuesday

Six super great things:

1) I had sort of a check-in meeting with Steve Wax (visionary boss) this afternoon. I am officially busy at work now and we talked about my case load, which is fine but increasing. Everythings a-ok for now in newjobworld. Challenging and meaningful. I am really lucky.

2) I passed the ethics part of the bar exam, the MPRE, which i didn't really study for much and hadn't taken in 10 years. It's a famously passable test, but still, its nice to have that done.

3) Rebecca and I are in the middle of a trial week at a new gym called Empower! which is all about indirect light, fancy equipment, personal attention and house plants. Today was the group weight training class and tomorrow we are going to squeeze in a little yoga before Tyra.

4) Powell's Books hosted a great reading tonight promoting the new book It's So You, an new anthology put together by Michelle Tea and includes Six Feet Under Producer Jill Soloway, transgender icon Kate Bornstein, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, poet Diane di Prima, NPR regular Sandra Tsing Loh, novelist Beth Lisick, Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu. Several of the contributors did readings tonight: Dexter Flowers, Mary Christmas, illustrator zine awesome person Nicole Georges, and Debbie Rasmussen, the editor of Bitch Magazine (which you should totally subscribe to).

5). After the reading we were totally starving and Rebecca way wanted noodles. We tried to go to a couple places, it was late, we went to Pok Pok on Division. We got a table. We ate like the queens of thailand. A lot of super awesome food involving cucumber, meat, oyster sauce, carrots, glass noodles, whiskey and poultry. I think this place is just about impossible to get into on a weekend night so thank god for tuesdays. Its like an overgrown food shack that has overtaken the basement of a house. Most of the cooking is done outside in the open air. Super duper. As I write this I am very very full.

6) There's music for you!

Dory Previn - The Lady with the Braid

The Breeders - Wicked Little Town (Hedwig Cover)

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Incidentally, there was this really annoying David Brooks editorial in the NYT recently where he was lamenting that rock music no longer has african american influence and that indie rock in particular is the whitest music in the world and he quoted Sacha Frere-Jones to prove his point and though I would not put The Decemberists or Belle and Sebastian in the Funkadelic column, I immediately thought of a million bands and musical trends in indie rock which totally contradict his premise. off the top of my head: Lily Allen, Bloc Party, TV on the Radio, The Black Kids, and that was before I realized that there is this other burgeoning sound coming up through the indie rock depths right now of bands borrowing from African music like Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend above. So, in addition to being wrong about everything, David Brooks is also wrong about indie rock.

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Scott said...

I really wish you would have posted "Voices Carry" on this post. Su-wheet.