Sunday, December 16, 2007

Seriously Crafty

Portland does not mess around when it comes to DIY crafts, craft events, craft stores, craft classes, and craft love. Today we hit holiday craft extravaganzas for holiday shopping. There was a line a hundred people long stretching outside the Norse Hall of hipsters and nursing mothers and little old ladies and lesbians teeming to get into the fair. So many people came that they could only let you in after someone left or else the fire marshall would have a cow. All for the love of felt sew-ons shaped like squirrels and bracelets made of bicycle inner tube. Besides that, and the hand sewn purses, necklaces made from scrabble letters, homemade soaps, and fabric pasted greeting cards, there was a lot of very finely made jewelry, art prints, and baby clothes to be found. Got the last of our shopping done. Or at least the first part of the last part of our shopping. Rebecca got a subscription to the Craft magazine and she bought me a really lovely necklace that I can wear to work without looking like Barbara Bush or Hothead Paisan.

We also bought some stuff from the gift shop there at the Norse Hall that rented their space to the crafties. Its the home of the local chapter of the Sons of Norway and being part Norwegian, i talked them up about where I could get the best lefse in town. They enthusiasically gave me the phone number for the Ladies Auxillary of the Sons of Norway so that next year I could participate in making lefse at the Norse Hall with Edna, the head Norwegian social club lefse maker. Maybe if I help they will invite me to the annual Lutefisk dinner.

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Jen said...

you know how i feel about indie crafts so a big WOOT for doing holiday shopping at a craft show. also, i'm such a nerd, i think i recognize one of the ladies in the picture from the handmade arcade show in pittsburgh! xoxo