Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pinball League

Bowling is okay I guess, but I'm a pinball person and tonight I went to Pinball League! We met at Goodfoot, a great big pool hall sort of beer place at 28th and Stark. I hadn't been over to that neighborhood before and I really liked it. Anyways, Goodfoot was a great place to be for no other reason than for the great rock n roll poster exhibit that adorns their walls. The best and most beautiful i have ever seen, and they were all for sale.
I was intimidated to be playing with these league players. Portland is, after all, the home of the notorious pinball gang, The Crazy Flipper Fingers. Word has it that once you are jumped into the gang, they give you a silver ball and whenever you get a high score you no longer put up your own initials. No, once you are in the Crazy Flipper Fingers, your pinball initials are CFF forever more. And they give you a cool nickname like Extra Ball or Super Jets or The Plunger. And you have to be really good. So I didn't know if those CFF people would be there or not, I didn't know what to expect. It turned out it was just two guys around my age who were pinball freaks but I am happy to say I held my own. We talked about the CFF and their legendary high scores like they were sports stars.

The bar had No Fear, World Cup Soccer, Lord of the Rings, and a boxing related game I can't remember the name of that was a lot like Who Dunnit. Someone had a score sheet and you got league points if you were 1st or 2nd place. I took one game, I think on the World Cup soccer game. We talked about great tables from the past like Bride of Pinbot and Funhouse and Guns n Roses.

As for actual physical activity, I am still DYING to find a volleyball league or some sort of real sports thing to do. So if anyone knows of anything (besides basketball. tex doesn't do that) let me know.


dietrich said...

i'm jealous, i've been meaning to go to the goodfoot forever and shoot pool.

as for physical activity, try indoor soccer!


divebarwife said...

Check out www.underdogportland.com or www.recesstimesports.com - in addition to the low key bowling, they also have kickball, dodgeball and flag football

ROM said...

Was this with the portland pinball league, or a different league? I've been to most PPL meetings this season, and I remember going to one at GoodFoot and Bonfire around the time of this post. But I don't remember anyone new showing up to it.

Good Foot has some cool new machines. They have Fish Tales (moved upstairs from downstairs), Dracula, and NBA Fastbreak. They got rid of World Cup, LOTR, and they moved Champion Pub downstairs. The next PPL meeting, on Wednesday the 19th, is taking place at Good Foot.

There's usually between five and nine of us. And it's fun. And if you go to one meeting, you can enter the tournament at Ground Kontrol at the end of the season!