Thursday, December 6, 2007

Work is Bumping

7:30 is real early for a staff meeting, though I understand it because that's a time when no one is in court and everyone can get together. I volunteered to handle a case in Medford, Oregon where there is currently an opening at my office (anyone public defenders out there who want to go fed and live in Medford, Oregon?). I have never been to Medford before but I understand it is all about pears. The cases are coming off the top of the deck pretty quick now.

Tonight I'm heading to this: A wine and cheese thing at McGinn's Wine Shop on Russell St. This evening's featured bottles will be from Roots Vineyards & Winery in Oregon’s North Willamette Valley. Pinot time again. Wish you were here.


Banana Lee Fishbones said...

I'm bummed you're doing that tonight instead of going to the Metblog Meetup. (:


Jen said...

you know what i like? that work is bumping and you're still going out.